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  • Yoga Level 1/2 Live Zoom

Yoga Level 1/2 Live Zoom


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Yoga & Breath Level 1/2 With Colby

THEME: Anahata, Heart Opening Practice

Tap Into Your
Inner Light, Peace & Vitality

Live On-Line Zoom Yoga Class
wherever you are in the world...
from the comfort of your home... 


Tap into your inner resources for restoration, rejuvenation, peace and vitality. A level 1/2 class to get the lymphatic system flowing, calm the nervous system, and ignite the power of our immune systems. This class will include yoga asana, breath work, restorative and guided meditation. 

Now, more than ever, mindfulness tools and practices are vital for our mental wellbeing and self-care systems. 

**To register and for questions, please email colby@elevate-well.com

**Modifications and variations will be offered. If you have yoga props, that is great, but also not required. A few blankets or pillows is recommended.