• Elevate Your Brilliance Coaching Journey

Elevate Your Brilliance Coaching Journey


Elevate Your Brilliance!

Coaching & Self-Development Journey With Colby


Allow yourself to relax and give yourself permission to create your life from a clear, calm and uplifted place. A peaceful mind becomes receptive and resourceful to all available, creative solutions to life’s challenges. Elevated perspectives and brilliant visions can be gifted in this space, and renewed energy to be inspired, present, practical and engaged in life.

Brilliance Journeys are here to support you to discover who you truly are and to live a life in alignment with your authentic self. We focus equally on the process of both being and becoming so that there is a sense of enjoyment and contentment in every moment as well as the process of constant growth into your ever-expanding potential.


Colby is offering a 3 or 6 session journey to assist you as an equal partner to Elevate Your Brilliance!


Brilliance Coaching can help:

  • Focus inspired energy towards clear & effective action for your life, passions and purpose
  • Learn how to set clear intentions & strategize goals
  • Develop inner trust & learn how to listen to your own intuitive guidance
  • Cultivate a sense that your life is meaningful and magnificent, and witness the positive difference that you can create through your thoughts and actions
  • Realize the true strength, personal will, passion & vitality of your spirit that you need for success
  • Identify and clear limiting mindsets or old emotional patterns that are holding you back from living your most vibrant self
  • Heal past wounds & traumas
  • Open up to & experience balance, presence and true joy
  • Enhance healthy communication & relationships
  • Draw from the well of your Inner Brilliance


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