• The Road To Victory Series
  • The Road To Victory Series

The Road To Victory Series


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The Road To Victory Series 2021:

All is FAIR in LOVE and KARMA

A LIVE Zoom Elevated Group Journey 
With Ray Rolando

Interactive Group Teaching Format

Nov 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd 
When: Tuesday Evenings
Time: 7-8:30pm EST

From Karma to Dharma
The Righteous Path

Come learn how Karma has you exaclty where you need and WANT to be, and enlighten your perspectives.

The Road to Victory is a powerful opportunity, a MAGICAL sign on your path, that invites you to a unique, 4 part group Zoom Video experience with like-minded individuals, and asks you to have faith and to follow the other signs on the road ahead with courage and gratitude, knowing they will be presented, and knowing that your heart will lead you to the New Land of opportunity.

The Road:

  • Be part of an Uplifted, Supportive Community
  • Acquire Highly Impactful, Life Transformative Teachings
  • Receive Powerful, Healing Energy
  • Bring Clarity to your Values & Goals
  • Cultivate Confidence, having you feeling more Peace, Self-Worth & Joy
  • Connect To Your Inner Compass & Sovereignty
  • Learn to Release Mental/Emotional Patterns caught in limiting belief systems
  • Learn easily applied, effective Self-Mastery Techniques
  • Harness Your Creativity & Vision to manifest a life bursting with Possibility!!!


During these incredible experiences, Ray will see and focus on conscious threads and themes for discussion while providing tools, techniques and teachings that will help to keep you and your loved ones safe when applied appropriately. Each call will be in an interactive teaching format, including Q&A interspersed throughout the call. Int this way, you can ask Ray direct questions and receive a live, source-to-source, channeled response.

This is a VERY limited group engagement. So sign up now and Ray will look forward to seeing and working with you shortly!  


      • Pre-registration Individual LIVE Call: $60
      • Pre-registration Journey of 4 Calls: $180 (4th Call FREE!)

    *Audio recording will be sent to all paid participants after each event date.* 

    **Event payments are non-refundable.**