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  • The Golden Arrow: Echoes of The Teachers
  • The Golden Arrow: Echoes of The Teachers

The Golden Arrow: Echoes of The Teachers


March 1st - 2nd, 2024
& Sunday 3/10

Echoes of The Teachers

a Golden Arrow Workshop

Friday: 12-7pm EST (In person or Zoom)
Saturday: 11:00am-6:00pm EST (In person or ZOOM)
Sunday 3/10: 5-7:30pm EST (Zoom)


In Cosmic Alignment with Source

Facilitated by Ray Rolando


Reconnect, Re-Imagine, and Re-Align... 

Drop out of the density of the mind and into the stillness and purity of the heart. Here lies infinite potential!

In his first full-length, weekend workshop in nearly seven years, spiritual guide and channel, Ray Rolando returns from his Journey To Source to bring you on one of your own. In this weekend retreat, you will be placed in a bubble of love, protection and infinitism, where the possibilities for your life, your dreams, and your manifestations are endless.

"Echoes of The Teachers" will provide a unique opportunity to connect back to Source, and feel the hand of God upon your shoulders. As Ray acts as the messenger for higher consciousness and teachings, and facilitates a space where only love is present, you can commune with the love and brilliance of the Masters that have come before you, as well as beings of the Higher Realms, like the Archangels and Elohim, and perhaps even your own Higher Self as it brings messages to you for your life.

In this space of pure loving frequencies, you can choose to release the hold of old patterns, fear and chaos, re-align your being with love, and calibrate to NEW potential and possibility, while discovering your true self, and renewing your commitment to fulfilling your soul’s blueprint for this lifetime!


At this time, you are at the midpoint between Winter and Spring. Ordinarily, this is a time when balancing your yin and yang energies becomes necessary to spring into action, and launch the next chapter of your life.

But, at this particular time, as the new planetary and cosmic energies have emerged, en entirely new reality beckons for the planet and, with it, all of Her inhabitants. As such, this landscape provides the perfect backdrop for souls to choose to leave the old patterns completely behind, step out from the matrix, and truly establish a New Earth within... and without.

If ever there was a time to calibrate and catalyze this New Earth Energy, this is it!

Come and enjoy a weekend of inspirational, new learning (and re-learning), and powerful downloads with gifted and respected spiritual teacher, healer, and Channel for New Earth Consciousness, Ray Rolando. During this life-changing retreat, Ray will share the energies of the ascended ones with you to help you to expand into your own unique genius, leading to transformation in all parts of your life.

We invite you to bring forth your playful, creative mind and expansive questions for a magical experience!


In-Person & LIVE Zoom* Pre-registration Attendance: $595.00

* All Zoom Attendees will be emailed the Zoom call-in details prior to the event, and will receive an audio recording after the event.

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Prior knowledge or understanding is not required. For further event information, feel free to call/email Colby at (845) 637-5191 or colby@rayrolando.com.