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  • The Archangel Report - Past Reports

The Archangel Report - Past Reports


The Archangel Report - Past Reports

Ray Rolando


An exclusive and POWERFUL opportunity for spiritual advancement... during this unprecedented time in humanity's history, Ray has been made aware that there are 12 NEW Archangels created for the SOLE purposes of bringing those that are ready into the New World, and helping them to maintain their footing with guidance once there. They are known as the Council for the Transitional New Earth (The New Council).


Like the Mystic's Message that was channeled through Ray from the many masters, and heavenly bodies that spoke as the ONE Mystic, Ray has been told that The New Council will transmit messages through him for those that are ready, and desiring New World information on an on-going, regular basis through a new platform, aptly named, "The Archangel Report".

Healing Opportunity
Being connected to this opportunity monthly, whether a new report is available or not, is a healing of the old and a stepping into the new. The energy coming to you each month through this opportunity is Sovereign.

You can actually meditate and connect to these powerful and NEW (to us) Beings. They are an aspect of your own consciousness and a part of your soul’s journey.

Past Reports
Although NEW transmissions will come every month through the monthly Subscription option as described below, past reports prior to your joining the subscription are also available. They can be purchased by clicking the drop-down menu above and choosing the desired report.

NEW transmissions will come every month in PDF format, on or about the 1st of the month, as The New Council deems it so and a new transmission is given to Ray to share through the monthly Subscription. Click here for the current monthly subscription option.

Please Help Ray Use Discernment
As Ray has learned over the years, not everyone who makes it to him is ready to open to the more subtle, esoteric realms in this way. As such, this will be an offering that begins with a select few people, and will grow by word of mouth, and will not be advertised on the main site or social media at this time.

Feel free to tell friends or loved ones whom you think are ready for this amazing offering, and then send them the link to this page to subscribe.

What is Channeling?
Channeling is the process of expanding one's consciousness to bring through Divine guidance and wisdom for clarity, insight, direction, healing and support.

NOTE: This photo below of Ray with the light around him was taken while he was connecting to the Archangels in 2017. It is most certainly a powerful Angelic Embrace, and a reminder of what you will be connecting to each month while receiving The Archangel Report. Enjoy!!!