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Season's Readings



Season's Readings

With Ray Rolando


A Special Holiday Gift For You
Or Someone
You Love

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Providing deeper wisdom and insight to keep your path inspired and in resonance with the seasonal energies.

A touchstone of support and healing to keep you focused and connected to your hearts directives and positive forward movement. 


4 Readings: 1 For Every Season For The Next Year!

Align With The Energy of Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall


What is Channeling?

Channeling is the process of expanding one's consciousness to bring through Divine guidance and wisdom for clarity, insight, direction, healing and support.

Channeling with Ray

During channeled sessions with Ray, clients often feel an expansion of love, and a higher awareness beyond the intellect, as if they know that which knows all is present. Common reports are that sessions help clients feel immediately safe, and that stress and anxiety seem to disappear instantly. They report that these sessions get directly 
to the root cause of the issue and lovingly remind recipients of the highest truths.



"When my heart is in union with the Universe, inspirational messages of love move through me from what I have come to understand are the voices of wisdom of enlightened beings who have traversed the Earth before me, as well as the voices of the God-beings who have led and guided those enlightened souls to their mastery.

These messages have become an offering to me as I transcend old, limited belief systems and enter the chasm of cosmic possibility. As a result, I have found they they, too, have become my offering to you. I hope they inspire you the way they have inspired me."

~ Ray Rolando