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  • Purification 5 Elements 105 Day Group Meditation
  • Purification 5 Elements 105 Day Group Meditation
  • Purification 5 Elements 105 Day Group Meditation
  • Purification 5 Elements 105 Day Group Meditation

Purification 5 Elements 105 Day Group Meditation


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Purification 5 Elements Meditation
Guided Group Journey

105 Days Devotion to Self & Humanity

With Ray & Colby Rolando

First Element & Zoom 4/11: 
Welcome & Elements Evolution
Earth Element Day #1


Join Us To CREATE The WAVE Of Manifestation

Breath Is The Connection Between Spirit & Body

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Ether


Raise your individual and the collective vibration by learning a VERY POWERFUL 105 Day Purification, Healing & Manifestation Meditation. We are each made up of the 5 Elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether - and they relate to certain aspects of our consciousness and our physical bodies. This meditation will help you to manifest more consciously while it works through and purifies the 5 Elements within your system.

Sandra, Colby & Ray were initiated into this particular meditation by our humble teacher, Derek O'Neill, during his 2015 Ireland workshop.

 "When we manifest with the intent of service-to-others, instead of service to self, we generally get faster results."

This meditation works on one element daily for 21 consecutive days each, and incorporates breath, sound, color and visualization. Written instructions and audio recordings will be sent so that, at any point after this meditation journey, you will be able to facilitate this purification process on your own. 


We will meet live via Zoom at the start of each 21 day cycle to guide everyone through that element's meditation. After the zoom call, the recorded audio will be sent to you, along with written instructions on how to continue with that element for the remaining 20 days.

After the initial Zoom call for each element, the time commitment for this meditation is between 5-15 minutes a day. 

We will also have a 6th Completion Group Sharing Zoom call, which will be announced at a later time.


"This elemental part of ME, 

I AM now bringing into alignment for the WE” 

“This purifies that element within and outside of us”


Zoom #2  Monday May 2

Zoom #3 Monday May 23

Zoom #4 Monday June 13

Zoom #5 TBA (the start date for our last element would fall on Monday July 4th, so we will need to pick an alternate date before the 4th)       

Zoom #6 TBA – 105 Day Completion Group Share


*If you cannot make it at the exact time of the Zoom calls, it's ok! You can still join us as the recorded zoom audio, as well as written instructions, will be sent to you. We do recommend that if you can attend live, that you do so.*

(Each element has to been done consecutively, starting with Earth - meaning you won't be able to "start anytime or with any particular element)