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  • Living Light 3 Part Journey

Living Light 3 Part Journey


MONDAY 10/21, 10/19 & Thursday 11/5
6:30pm - 8pm EST

Living Light 3 Part Journey

With Colby

Restoring Inner Alignment,

Healing the Heart & Awakening Vision 


3 Group Journeys

I invite you all to create a sacred space and a moments pause… to breathe… to relax… to listen… to reawaken your vision and realign your thoughts, words and actions with the Great Strength of your Heart and Resilient Spirit.
This is an opportunity for deeper healing, releasing patterns, and to reconnect back to the inner states of peace, trust, hope, freedom, joy, abundance, and silence. It is from these states of being that we can see our lives from the higher perspective and use our lives as tools to help heal this beautiful earth and ourselves.
During this immensely challenging passage of time, many of us have been brought to our knees, exhausted and overwhelmed.. and yet know deep down that at the same time something extraordinary is occurring, and that this is a moment of great opportunity and great awakening.
We all have purpose! Let’s use our collective light to awaken the hope and sacred visions and prayers that live within our hearts.
Living Light Group Journeys Include:

  • Somatic Release, Gentle Movement & Breath
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Self-Discovery & Personal Mastery Development
  • Discussion


Living Light 3 Part Journey: $120
1 Group Session: $60

Please contact colby@elevate-well.com for all questions.