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Light On The 7 Chakras


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Light On The 7 Chakras
With Colby Rolando

A 4 Part Workshop Series 

7/16, 7:30-9:30
Focus on the HEART & THROAT Chakra


What are the Chakras? How can bringing awareness to them add to our everyday experience, inner peace, wellbeing and happiness?

This workshop series will shed light on the chakras and how they are part of our embodied human experience. Each of the 7 main chakras, Sanskrit for energy “wheels”, relate to certain aspects of our physical bodies and consciousness.

Our third workshop will focus on the HEART and THROAT chakra and their functions and how connection and awareness to them can help us cultivate greater overall wellbeing.

It is widely accepted that everything is energy and that when operating optimally, the human energy field vibrates, or resonates, at a certain healthy frequency. When something interferes within that energy field, this vibration can decrease, leaving the energy field open to dis-ease and disharmony. In a healthy being, energy easefully moves or flows through the channels and systems of the body.  Just like your physical body, if a channel gets clogged or blocked, energy builds up, get compacted and creates all sorts of issues. A healthy state of energy is one of motion.  Like water, when it doesn’t move, it stagnates and loses its ability to support a balanced healthy function. 


The evening will include discussion, meditation, pranayama (breath work), and energy healing.


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