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Journey Into The Heavens




Journey Into THE HEAVENS
A Year to Remember

Part 5

Thursday, May 25, 2023
7-8 OR 8:30pm EST

Part 5 of 12: Archangel Alumium

With Intuitive Channel & Spiritual Teacher
Ray Rolando

A NEW exclusive and POWERFUL opportunity for spiritual advancement...

A very successful "Trial Run" was had where an exclusive opportunity occurred once per month, for a full year, to meet, learn from, and "sit down" with these exalted beings of the highest Love and Light.

Now comes Phase II of the New Earth Council's mission with this project... to reflect to humans once and for all the full potential of the Element of Ether, where you move into the Divine Mind (the heart), and out of the human brain.

For it is here that you will experience your reality AS IT MANIFESTS in real time.

The Archangels intend to speak on all things New Earth (i.e. Atlantis, crystals, grids, etc) for the heart's truest awakenings to date, as you connect the Golden Spindle of Consciousness back to the Mother Lands through the Galactic Center at the core of your galaxy... the Great Milky Way.

Get ready to pull your reality towards you, fully magnetized to higher truth and revelations, as the Crystalline Grid Activation begins to become fully alive within you once more!


In the 3rd installment in this NEW series, our focus will be on Instancium's purpose, as he makes himself available in this format for powerful healing downloads and a personalized Q&A. He says...

“I am Alumium – Kingsman and Queenswoman of light-casting. I am He and She who illuminates from within to bring intentful desire into the manifestation of service. The projection of your light against my own casts the reflection of your heart’s imagery in any moment. I am the keeper of the true heart’s desire of union and the creation of your world from 5th Dimensional Reality and beyond. I am the bringer of the New World through the Light of Truth, and I serve at the pleasure of The Creator only.“


  Individual Class: $100 (includes audio recording)                   
  Pre-Pay 12 Months: $1,100 ($100 savings - includes all audios)*
  Remote: $25 (audio available for purchase per below) **
* Pre-pay option must occur prior to first workshop in series on Feb 5.

** NOTE: Remote Attendance for THESE events does not include any live streaming or post-workshop recordings. It is strictly a loving trust in the Universe to provide a powerful energetic healing transmission of the live workshop. This allows the remote attendee to "sit with the group" though not able to be in-person. Remote attendees can be still during the event and connect in, or if they cannot be still at the actual time of the event, they will receive the workshop energy within 24 hours of the event when they are at rest. Remote attendees can purchase an audio download of the workshop approximately 24 hours after the event has ended for an additional $75. Coupon is required for $25 savings. Contact support@rayrolando.com for details.
During this unprecedented time in humanity's history, spiritual channel and teacher, Ray Rolando, has been made aware that there are 12 NEW Archangels created for the SOLE/SOUL purposes of bringing those that are ready into the New World, and helping them to attain and maintain their footing with guidance once there. They are known as The Council for the Transitional New Earth (The New Council).

These incredible beings recently began to channel through Ray the remarkable monthly Archangel Reports as a way for humanity to connect to their Divine energies for a full 30 Day Healing Bath, and to lay the groundwork for the New Earth.