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  • Ireland 7 Day Retreat - Remote Attendance

Ireland 7 Day Retreat - Remote Attendance


October 1-8th, 2018

Ireland is Calling!
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Fall 2018 Retreat with Ray & Colby
Remote Registration Open!

By popular demand, Ray & Colby have decided to open the exclusive Fall Ireland Retreat to those who would like to receive healing energy from this sacred, private gathering at Creacon Lodge in New Ross, Wexford, Ireland.


If you cannot attend the Ireland Retreat in person, the remote attendance option is an amazing opportunity to connect into the retreat from wherever you are in the world. It is a way of receiving the healing and transformational energy of the retreat without being there physically.

Remote Attendance can be described as being like lighting a candle in a church/temple and offering a donation, knowing your intention is traveling to the receiver. The exchange is taking place etherically (through the ethers). Please note, remote attendance does not include a recording of the workshop or any live-streaming.

The amount of healing energy that you will receive directly correlates to your investment amount. You may choose to exchange any of the amounts in the drop-down menu above, up to the full investment of the retreat. Your investment may also be applied to your friends and family, by setting that intention when you purchase.

Contact us at info@elevate-well.com for any further details.