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  • Intuition of the Heart Master Class - Finessing The Art of The Read

Intuition of the Heart Master Class - Finessing The Art of The Read


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Intuition of the Heart Master Class 
Finessing The Art of the Read

A Powerful LIVE Zoom Experience 
With Ray Rolando


Interactive 4 Part Workshop

Oct 23rd - Oct 24th

Part 1: Friday 10/23, 6-9pm EST 
Part 2: Saturday 10/24, 10:30am - 3:30pm EST (or until complete)
Parts 3 & 4:
Thursday 10/29 & 11/5, 7-8:30pm EST
2 Additional 90 Minute Follow-up Zoom Calls For
Questions & To Share Experiences                                                       

Finessing The Art of the Read

An offering for those serious about tapping deeply into their Intuition as a POWERFUL SERVICE to others.

A practical and insightful "HANDS-ON" Workshop of Teaching the Finesse of Reading and understanding the process of what arises AS you are serving someone with your Intuitive Nature 

Ray requests that you bring the ONE card deck to this event that you are most resonating with at the time of the class. 

Day 1 Will Include:

Special Meditations/Channelings & Higher-Self Attunements from Spirit to: 

  • Deepen & Develop Your Intuitive Connection & Knowledge of How You Receive Information 
  • Polish Your Discernment Antenna 
  • Tap Into Your Creative Inner Genius With Trust
  • Channel the Inner Peace of Service & Remembrance

Summary of Level 1 Course w/Group Interaction, Discussion and Q&A

Day 2 Will Include:

  • Practice giving readings & receiving feedback with oversight from Ray
  • Discussion on how we receive information through the 5 senses & beyond & the Power of Intention to ignite Intuitive Flow
  • Learning at least 2 specific card layouts
  • Further understanding of positions of the cards & connecting the Bridge between them
  • Knowing situational use of each type of layout & when to use each
  • Deeper understanding of Past, Present & Future information & Infinite Possibilities 
  • Discussion on Free Will
  • Thematically address a client’s question/issue
  • Developing rapport from first potential client contact through completion of the reading

Some of the additional topics interspersed throughout the two-day event will include: 

  • Assisting you in breaking through perceived barriers to your service
  • Teachings regarding proper exchange
  • Responding to client questions with proper discernment
  • Connecting with & developing your gifts and talents with consistency
  • Clearing your personal energy field, home and office
  • Properly setting yourself and your space for service  
  • Building further Trust & Confidence in your ability & in your craft
  • Answering any/all other questions that arise organically

This is a VERY limited group engagement. Sign up now and Ray will look forward to seeing and working with you shortly! 


Exchange: $595 (Pre-registration)

    **Event payments are non-refundable.** 


    Psychic phenomena and the people who are said to possess such gifts and talents (psychics, mediums, palm and tarot readers, etc.) have mystified the masses for millennia. Predicting events, large and small, for individuals and the world, they have defied belief systems time and again, perhaps keeping alive hope in the world at large. It has been said, too, that few hold such powerful gifts... not so fast...

    Mystics, sages, yogis, gurus and other holy men and women have had a true grasp on these "psychic phenomena" and the rules that govern them all the while. They have held them close to their hearts as sacred, to ensure they would only make it into the hands of those who were ready to FULLY RECEIVE and PROPERLY SHARE them with those they would serve.

    If you are reading this, there is a very good chance you have experienced some of these innate gifts within yourself, and have been waiting for the right opportunity, circumstance, or teacher that was aligned with your heart. Perhaps you are now ready to be properly shown how to tap further into these gifts, polish them and use them. The world needs you!



    Breakthrough Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and gifted and respected Healer and Channel, Ray Rolando, began his career in this field providing "readings" to those in need. He was "called from beyond" in this lifetime to begin to deeply develop his other-worldly gifts again in his late twenties, though he was born with them. 

    Since then, Ray has re-discovered that these gifts and talents were purely about service and that, when we serve another in love, compassion and kindness, all sorts of wonderfully inspiring things happen for all parties involved. He now uses these gifts EVERY day, in ALL of his work.

    After 15 years, and literally tens of thousands of hours honing his craft while professionally serving others in this capacity, Ray is now ready to bring what he has learned to you.