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Grounded With Colby


Winter Celebration!


Yoga, Medical Qigong, & Chinese Meridian Meditation Private Wellness Journey! 

This is a beautiful time to ignite and recommit to your wellness journey.

Manifest health, vitality, clarity & peace of mind. 

Transcend Chronic Pain & Anxiety Associated With Autoimmune Disorders and Other Health Conditions


A personalized, private journey of 8 45-50 minute sessions, over the course of 8 weeks designed specifically for you. A blend of yoga, medical qigong, and Chinese Meridian Meditation.

Grounded With Colby provides a powerful combination of yoga and medical qigong which is part of the Chinese Medicine's 5 Elemental Paradigm. According to traditional Chinese Medicine, each season's energy (or chi) feeds the next season. In this practice we work with the organs and meridian pathways that are naturally at the forefront in nature and our bodies.

Right now we are moving from the Metal season of Autumn, the lungs and large intestine organs, to the Water season of Winter where we work with the kidneys and bladder.  When we work with these systems through specific movements, breath work and meditation it can have a profound effect on our consciousness and positively affects our energy flow to the organs. 


I look forward to practicing with you! Please email me if you have questions -  colby@elevate-well.com.