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Golden Arrow Triad


Golden Arrow Triad


An opportunity to work with Ray through a trio of services including a Golden Arrow Healing with The Symphony of Angels and 2 Manifestation Coaching Sessions to quickly manifest something powerfully new.

A personal mini-retreat for those who are serious about moving forward in consciousness, awakening and stepping more fully into their soul's purpose.


Manifestation Coaching: Unlock your highest manifestation and creation potential!! Learn to unlearn, transcend, or rise above (i.e. "ascending" beyond) old, patterned, limiting beliefs and behaviors stemming from fear-based, social "norms" and emotional traumas. 

Acquiring and applying powerful mindfulness tools and techniques has been proven to boost the human body's immune system and improve its resilience as a result of increasing its ability to fend off stress and anxiety. Doing so allows the true self to resonate more with love, truth, and potential.

These activations of consciousness lead to quantum portals of opportunity that open within and allow you to start connecting with your true self and natural guidance. This is the place from which true heart desires can be seen and heard, clearer intentions and creative solutions arise, and from where powerful action flows.