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  • Elevate Single 60 Minute Breakthrough Session

Elevate Single 60 Minute Breakthrough Session


Purpose of Coaching

As individuals in the world, our perspectives on the events taking place in our lives are based on our belief systems.  Our belief systems drive how we see the world.   When individuals shift their belief systems, this shift leads to changes in how they view the world, and how they relate to it.  When positive, more expansive belief systems are put into place, this can lead to exponential personal, and/or professional growth and happiness.

Transformational Coaching

At Elevate, Transformational Coaching is a method by which we create a safe and supportive space that assists the client in connecting deeply to themselves and their current situations to process the on-goings in their life – past, present and future.  This generally has profound healing effects, bringing swift forward progress that generates a renewed sense of clarity, confidence, purpose, meaning, and passion.

Beyond Mainstream

Transformational Coaching at Elevate takes individuals multiple dimensions beyond traditional coaching, expeditiously leading to lasting effectsOur team has worked with some of the most prolific healers, spiritual teachers, and coaches in the world in their respective fields for more than a decade. We have acquired multiple certifications and powerful trainings in a broad spectrum of modalities that include energy healing, meditative tools, breathing techniques, and sacred universal teachings that can each be drawn upon to help individuals in navigating their lives and the stories their minds create about them. Clients often report that 60 minutes cleared what they had been carrying even after years of therapy.

We assist clients in shifting how they relate to the world in which they exist as well as how they feel about themselves internally, empowering them to all of it.  Our goal in transformational coaching is to facilitate a shift from the client’s current state of being to a more desirable one that is beyond just the mental process of the mind.  In so doing, they empower themselves in inspirational ways, healing the past, and bringing a renewed sense of self within the world.

One hour can change your life, and lead to deep, lasting personal shift.