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  • Custom Attunement Meditation

Custom Attunement Meditation


Custom Attunement Meditation

Step Into A Magical Journey Of
Guided Healing Meditation

What Is A Custom Attunement Meditation?

Our bodies are vehicles of love, truth and compassion. But our beautiful world is also filled with many distractions that sometimes have us forgetting this truth. When we forget, our body's energy centers can become filled with untruth, and not optimally functioning. One solution to this is to bring our frequencies back into alignment with love, thereby energetically overcoming our day-to-day challenges.

A Custom Attunement Meditation is literally a customized 15-20 meditational recorded healing for you to listen to daily at your leisure over a 21 or 30 day period. Infused with the highest teachings of love, light, and inspiration in the land, these meditations are carefully chosen and created pieces for YOU or your loved ones based on your specific needs.

We have meditations to suit ALL issues or areas of concern, including but not limited to: stress management, grief, transitional periods, empowerment, confidence, self-worth, courage, relationships, etc.

Once produced and digitally mastered, a high-quality recording will be provided for you to download and keep forevermore.