Costa Rica Retreat Remote Attendance


January 13-20th


Bloom in The Jungle!

With Ray & Colby

Remote Registration Open!

By popular demand, Ray & Colby have decided to open the exclusive Costa Rica Retreat to those who would like to receive healing energy from this sacred, private gathering in the lush rainforest of Uvita overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Here, in the magical, vital energies of Mother Earth we will hold a space for healing, rejuvenation, nourishment, reflection, conscious manifestation, and connecting with ourselves and our planet. Receive daily the magical, revitalizing, and healing energies of South Pacific Costa Rica and Mother Earth at this special power point.

A retreat to nature is a return to our true self.

Jungle Harmony: 

A beautiful healing where you will be called into the overall vortex of the retreat for its entirety and be connected to the group consciousness.

Rainforest Serenade:

A journey for added depth. Elevate your Jungle Harmony experience by allowing your retreat facilitators to bring you energetically into each conscious group Elevation Circle of spiritual teachings and connection, as well as into the exhilarating group adventures.

The Blue Morpho:

The Blue Morpho is
an opportunity to reflect and gain clarity on your heart's truest desires as well as to empower and energize your manifestations. In addition to your Rainforest Serenade, your retreat leaders will ask you to set and share a powerful intention for your remote week with them so they can hold it for you. They will reach out throughout the week, sharing photos and themes of the retreat experience.


In the raw, rejuvenating energies of Costa Rica's South Pacific, we will reconnect our hearts to the natural rhythms of nature and the cosmos, the awesome power of the ocean, and the sacred place of the whales and dolphins. The cleansing, creative energies and constantly renewing energies of the sea and the tides have always enchanted us and served as a panacea for enormous healing and revitalization - spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

We invite you to join us remotely all week for this journey dedicated to the celebration and upliftment of our spirits, and to the collective healing of the planet.

Remote Attendance Details

If you cannot attend the Costa Rica Retreat in person, the remote attendance option is an amazing opportunity to connect into the retreat from wherever you are in the world. It is a way of receiving the beautiful, magical, and rejuvenating energies of this earthly power point, Bahia Ballena (Whales Bay), combined with the higher consciousness present during the retreat week.

The lush rainforests, cleansing ocean, and amazing and abundant natural surroundings, paired with the conscious, sacred space that Ray & Colby facilitate, offer a depth of release & reflection, rejuvenation of the spirit, and a return to joy.

Remote Attendance can be described as being like lighting a candle in a church/temple and offering a donation, knowing your intention is traveling to the receiver. The exchange is taking place etherically (through the ethers). Please note, remote attendance does not include a recording of the workshop or any live-streaming.

The amount of healing energy that you will receive directly correlates to your investment amount. You may choose to exchange either of the amounts in the drop-down menu above. Your investment may also be applied to friends and family, by setting that intention when you purchase as a gift for them.

Contact us at for any further details.