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Opportunity for Business Consulting at Elevate


When you can combine decades of Fortune 500 expertise in operational strategy, system development, implementation and logistics with a wise perspective, you have second-to-none, winning synergy.

Welcome to strategic consulting and innovation with Ray Rolando and Elevate Well!

With over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial success combined, we know that a wise investment of a business's precious resources is to hire a group specifically trained in strategic perspectives for innovative outcomes as your partner to get the results you want and need. We accomplish this by helping you to reinvent your perspectives, while building and implementing systems that work to grow and sustain a successful company with dynamic relationships.


As professionals in the constantly fluid and changing business world, we are regularly expected to do more with less, meeting the bottom line outputs with a creative and fresh approach that limits the need for inputs of time, money and manpower.

When businesses, and the individuals who run and work for them, are willing to shift their beliefs and the systems that are built upon them, this shift can lead to systemic and, frankly, seismic, positive changes in how they operate.

Understanding that our perspectives on the events taking place in our environment and the situations that unfold in them day-to-day are colored by the lens through which we choose to see them is key to creating innovative solutions to challenging circumstances.

Let us help you structure your business, so you can change the world!