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  • Championing Your Reality: A Lions Gate Event
  • Championing Your Reality: A Lions Gate Event
  • Championing Your Reality: A Lions Gate Event

Championing Your Reality: A Lions Gate Event


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ON: Friday, July 23rd, 2021
FROM: 4:00-7:00pm PST / 7:00-10:00pm EST
WHERE: Thousand Oaks, California AND ZOOM

In Cosmic Alignment

With Ray Rolando
Breakthrough Coach, Spiritual Teacher & Channel

There are key moments in THIS world where the Cosmic world opens portals in its Divine architecture for you to creatively intuit your best life. Right NOW happens to just be one of them.

Annually, in Cosmic Astrology, The Lions Gate event occurs between July 28th and August 12th. This occurs when the Sun is in the sign of Leo and it, along with the planet, Sirius, and Orion's belt are in direct alignment with the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza. When this occurs, the Earth is in exact alignment with the Galactic Center of our Milky Way. 

Given that the Galactic Center is the Sun to our Sun, it acts as the "Source of Everything" we experience in our Galaxy and our personal lives. It is FROM where we pull our manifestation capabilities. Therefore, this annual alignment is the opportunity to consciously create in conjunction with Cosmic Truth.

Come and enjoy an afternoon of fun, new learning, and powerful downloads with gifted and respected spiritual teacher, healer, and Channel for New World Consciousness, Ray Rolando. During this life-changing workshop, Ray will share tools, techniques, and methods that, when used with consistency, help you to expand into your greatness, leading to transformation in all parts of your life. 

We invite you to bring forth your playful, creative mind and expansive questions for a magical experience!


In-Person & LIVE Zoom* Pre-registration Attendance: $65
Remote-Only Attendance**: $40                          
Same-Day Attendance: $75 

* All Zoom Attendees will be able to download the Zoom call-in details at checkout

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Prior knowledge or understanding is not required. Remote Attendance* for this workshop is available. For further event information, feel free to call/email Colby at (845) 637-5191 or colby@rayrolando.com, or Sandra at (805) 558-2303.

** NOTE: There will NOT be live-streamed material for Remote-Only attendees. However an audio recording WILL be provided for ALL registrants. Remote-only Attendance is strictly a loving trust in the Universe to provide an energetic transmission of the live workshop. This allows the remote attendee to "sit with the group" though not able to be in-person. Remote attendees can be still during the event (PACIFIC TIME ZONE) and connect in, or they will receive the workshop energy within 24 hours of the event when they are at rest.