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  • Breath Of Spring Wellness Packages
  • Breath Of Spring Wellness Packages

Breath Of Spring Wellness Packages



"hope sleeps in our bones like a bear waiting for spring to rise and walk." - Marge Piercy


Breath of Spring Wellness
With Colby

Yoga/Qigong/Breath Work

& Theraphi Healing Sessions


Move into Spring With Vitality & Peace! A personalized wellness journey designed specifically for you. 6 or 3 Session Packages


A beautiful synergy of 30 minute sessions that blend yoga, qigong and breath work and 30 minute Theraphi Plasma Light Therapy sessions. These sessions can be done in person or remote!


Movement Sessions: The movement and breath work sessions provide a powerful combination of yoga and qigong, which is part of the Chinese Medicine 5 Elemental Paradigm. According to TCM, each season's energy (or Chi) feeds the next season. In this practice we work with the seasonal energies, organs and meridian pathways that are naturally at the forefront in nature and our bodies. Right now, we are working with the energies of Spring and the element of Wood to find our hope, inspiration and harmony, and releasing emotions of anger and frustration. When we work with these systems through specific movements, breath work and intentions it can have a profound effect on our consciousness and positively effects our energy flow in the meridians and organs. 


Theraphi Sessions: Experience the relaxing, harmonizing and blissful energies of the Theraphi's electromagnetic field. This is your time to unwind, receive and recharge. The Theraphi activates the body’s healing regeneration system and reminds the body’s cells of their original state before dis-ease set in. The Theraphi is a non-invasive healing device that produces a powerful plasma light and bio-active field. Frequencies of hydrogen and phi-ratio harmonics pass through a unique mixture of noble gases in the Theraphi’s glass tubes. This creates highly charged plasma waveforms that pass through the body and recharge the cells and restore the body to a state of optimal health and vitality.


Therapeutic Benefits of the Theraphi

Longevity Pain Reduction Wound Healing Increased Energy Levels Improved Sleep Increased Circulation Enhanced Immune System Stress Reduction Relaxation Enhanced Cancer & Chronic Illness Recovery