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  • Balance Yin Yang Coaching Journey

Balance Yin Yang Coaching Journey



An inner transformational journey working with both Ray and Colby that is designed for balancing the masculine and feminine, or yin yang, energies within your being - helping you access the most powerful parts of yourself. The support of the masculine and feminine perspectives will help you to overcome barriers, uncover your unique gifts and true heart's desires, and cultivate confidence to be successful in all areas of your life.

Elevate’s Coaching Journeys are designed for your serious desire to empower yourself within, and to, the world around you. A safe and supportive space is created that assists you in connecting deeply to YOU and your current situations to process the on-goings in life – past, present and future. This can have profound healing effects, bringing swift forward progress that generates a renewed sense of clarity, confidence, purpose, and passion.

  • 1 one-hour session per week for 6 consecutive weeks / 3 with Ray & 3 with Colby