• Autumnal Attunement Guided Meditation

Autumnal Attunement Guided Meditation


7-8:30pm EST

Autumnal Attunement
Guided Meditation With Colby & Ray
On The Eve Of The Equinox

Pause To Align With The Equinox,

A Special Point of Balance & Perfect Symmetry Of Nature

Live On-Line Zoom Meditation Class

wherever you are in the world...
from the comfort of your home... 


Take a sacred pause on the eve of the Autumnal Equinox for deep release and renewal. A journey of healing and "falling awake" through powerful guided meditations as we harness this special balancing point. 

Nature, in her infinite wisdom, reminds us of that balance point twice a year, on the Vernal (Spring) and Autumnal (Fall) Equinoxes. On the day when light and dark are in perfect symmetry, there is a natural peace. Day and night do not battle for dominance but stand in perfect alignment, allowing us and all living things to feel safely suspended for a brief moment. We can pause in our rush from one extreme to the other, take a deep breath, and just BE.


"Right inside any moment of non-doing lies peace, insight, creativity, and new possibilities in the face of old habits of mind and old habits of living."
- Jon Kabat Zinn


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