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  • Ascended Master Print - Jesus The Christ

Ascended Master Print - Jesus The Christ


Jesus The Christ

Jesus was a highly evolved spiritual teacher. As a child he was a handful, I wonder if he was alive today would he be diagnosed with ADHD or something similar because he was hyper. He was hyper because physicality was nothing to him. He must have had his poor mother worried because he went missing so many times for his growth. He went to all the places of interest and workshops because he was always looking for answers; he knew there was something else and always ended up sitting with the wisest of the wise. He learned, and came to the understanding of his purpose. He said “I understand now that I have to be conditioned by God, through the experience of humanity in order to be of service and return to God.” He took the essence of everything that he learnt and kept them in his heart and started to show his given powers through the grace of the ‘I Am’. He did this by always saying “My Father who art in Heaven”. He was telling you that above Him was brilliance and perfection. When he said, “I and my Father are one’, that was the moment when there was no above. He had become enlightened and showed people the way; “I AM the Light and the Divine”.

What are you searching for or trying to understand? If you are looking for something know you already have it. Jesus was attending a wedding and the party ran out of wine. He said, “Bring me water”. He did not see the water Jesus looked at God and saw the wine. When he turned the water into wine he never looked at the problem, he looked at the source of everything. He also did this with the loaves and the fish. If you look at the problem the problem stays in this dimension. He said “Father, out of your hands.” Then he said to the apostles, “Go feed them.” As we all know the multitude was fed with just a few baskets of bread and fish. What then is the greatest form of protection? Love! Love, which manifests as an open heart. By seeing only God’s love and not seeing any lack or fear Jesus was able to perform these manifestations.

Be the love that you want to manifest in the world.

Love, Love, Love