• The Master Key To Your Happiness - Tibetan Wheel Of Life
  • The Master Key To Your Happiness - Tibetan Wheel Of Life

The Master Key To Your Happiness - Tibetan Wheel Of Life


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May 10th, 1:15-3:15pm

The Master Key To Your Happiness

With Marcela Jacova

A Life-Changing Wellness Workshop of Deep Personal Transformation, Practical Spirituality, Meditation and Mindfulness


This workshop offers an opportunity to identify disharmonies and neutralize their causes, as well as learn proven techniques to guide you back to Happiness. Marcela offers a fun and exploratory approach of Ancient Wisdom Teachings from various traditions including Celtic, Buddhist and Vedic. 

This particular class will explore the Teachings of Tibetan Wheel of Life that help us understand how we create every experience and opportunity that this life offers. We will combine these powerful Wisdom Teachings with transformative guided meditations from the More Truth Will Set You Free healing playshops. 

This workshop empowers people to overcome obstacles to their happiness and transform limiting beliefs so they can embrace both the challenges and opportunities that arrive in life with greater ease. 



  • Turn your Challenges into Opportunities for Growth
  • Self-Confidence and Empowerment
  • Find your Purpose & Gain New Insights
  • Correct Spirit, Mind and Body
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Remove limiting Belief Systems
  • Heal Emotional Pain & Improve Relationships
  • Access Untapped Potential
  • Create deep shifts in your Energy System


About Marcela

This life-changing workshop is a result of many various trainings Marcela took under the guidance of Derek O’Neill and years of continued deep inner work. It combines Teachings from the More Truth Will Set You Free workshops of personal transformation and practical spirituality, MLL Meditation & Mindfulness workshops, and the Karmic Wheel of Life and Wisdom Teachings from the Vedic tradition. It also incorporates techniques from Neuro -Linguistic Programing.. and it will very simply love you back to yourself!

Marcela is skilled Practitioner and Teacher of Life-Changing Energy Therapies – Rising Star and Prema Birthing. She also does private Oracle Readings that combine The Wisdom of Avalon, Numerology & Messages from Loving Kindness.


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