• 45 Min Isis Reading Retreat

45 Min Isis Reading Retreat


Allow the beauty and power of the Goddess, Isis, and the Energy of Sovereign Ancient Egypt to guide and direct you home to your heart.

Disclaimer: Please note that these services are for entertainment purposes only. By booking a session with Colby or Ray Rolando, their businesses, or their partners, you agree to the following statements: You are at least 18 years of age. You understand that Colby and Ray, and their partners, are not licensed therapists or medical doctors, their businesses are not licensed therapy practices, nor do they and their partners diagnose or treat any illnesses. Colby, Ray, their businesses, and their partners are not financial advisers or attorneys and are unable to give legal or financial advice. By booking a reading, you understand that what you do with the information received in your reading is based on your own free will and Colby and Ray Rolando, their businesses and their partners will not be held accountable for any actions taken on your behalf after the session.