• Golden Infusion
  • Golden Infusion

Golden Infusion



With The High Archangelic Council
For The TransitionalNew Earth

Facilitated by Ray Rolando

The Golden Infusion is a channeled Golden Arrow Healing* with uplifted and elevated energies that infuse Atlantean frequencies, as well as those from the High Archangelic Council For The Transitional New Earth into those called to receive it.

* READ MORE about the Golden Arrow Healing here.

* READ MORE about the High Archangelic Council here.


  • A Golden Infusion session includes:
    • A Golden Arrow Healing w/ The New Council of 12
    • The Ladder of Consciousness Healing Meditation w/ Symphony of Angels 
    • A RAW Madagascarian Quartz Crystal
      • never polished or machined
      • touched by VERY few hands
      • imbued with over 10 years of healing center vortexes, intentions, and energies
      • will be intentionally imbued with the anchor energy of the GAH
    • An audio recording of the session