• Holographic Sound Concert ~ Crystal Bowls & Vocal Harmonics

Holographic Sound Concert ~ Crystal Bowls & Vocal Harmonics

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Thursday November 15th, 7-9pm

"Ghandarva Ceremony of Peace Concert"
Join Dr. Paul Hubbert, Multidimensional Sound Master on Crystal Bowls & Vocal Harmonics. Paul will lead this sacred experience of "CREATION" and "ONENESS"

Preview of Egypt 2020 Retreat &
Holographic Sound Healing

Visioning Peace, Unity, Joy and Happiness!

Experience this Sacred Sounds Event to enhance your Mind, Body and Soul. Immerse yourself through the power of Holographic Sound, in Divine Energy and into Universal consciousness! In doing so your energy centers/chakras, your physical, mental and emotional bodies are filled with Light, Love, Joy, Health and Harmony! As we intend and manifest Love, Joy and Peace within, Mother Earth and all of Humanity responds accordingly and resonates with Love, Harmony and Balance! We are Blessed!!!

The Ghandarva Ceremony of Peace; through Atlantean, Lemurian, Egyptian, Tibetan & New World Mystery School teachings, we'll use Holographic Sound in affirming Divine Unity. As Paul calls in the many Masters, Teachers, Saints and Sages of our major Spiritual lineages you'll experience their presence, the celestial realms of being and recognize our Oneness with the UNIVERSE! You are invited to experience and express the vibration of Love and Gratitude to the Divine in all its aspects!!!
As You Imagine & Intend... IT BECOMES SO! Create with the intention of Love and soar with the Angelic & magical vibrations of Sound!
Exchange: $25
The Ghandarva Ceremony of Peace is based on the Vedas, an ancient text found in India written by sages and intuitive seers who eloquently described different inner realms of consciousness. One of the realms depicted was the Ghandarvic realm, in which there exists a group of musicians called Ghandarvas whose sole purpose is to sing and play music to God the Divine in all its aspects. A realm of this nature appears in many world wisdom traditions throughout the world. In the Christian tradition, it’s called the Angelic Hosts as they are always singing praise to God. By toning and chanting the mantras and chants of the Divine, with the pure emotion of unconditional love and gratitude, we attempt to lift or elevate ourselves to the Ghandarvic realm and become as Ghandarvas, singing praise to God in all Its aspects.