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  • Elevate Lighted Path 24 Session Pkg For Kids 2x/Month

Elevate Lighted Path 24 Session Pkg For Kids 2x/Month



Lighting the Path for Kids Everywhere! 

A perfect journey over 12 months geared toward children under 16 and designed for self-discovery, growth, and just the right amount of fuel needed to begin to realize their dreams by starting them young with self-help and life skills based in mindfulness.

Based on Elevate’s highly successful coaching journeys, these programs are designed for your serious desire to empower your child with tools you "wish you had then!" 

We create a safe and supportive space that assists your child in connecting to themselves and their life path, which can have profound effects on attitude, motivation and more! 

  • One 30 minute session per week for 12 months, twice per month
  • Helps your child to uncover limiting belief systems and patterns opening doors to possibilities and bright futures 
  • Helps them to begin to discover, learn and access practical tools for daily use to significantly shift their attitude and motivation
  • Shows them how to connect to their innate wisdom and power within
  • Brings forward a sense of peace, purpose, and joy
  • Helps kids to become empowered in their world