• Dr. Gloria Waterhouse Speaks On Groundbreaking New Science
  • Dr. Gloria Waterhouse Speaks On Groundbreaking New Science

Dr. Gloria Waterhouse Speaks On Groundbreaking New Science


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Dr. Gloria Waterhouse, PhD
Psychotherapist & Former Vanderbilt University Medical School
Professor. Over 20 Years Engaged In Top-Tier Research

Free Informational Session!!
"Potentially the most extraordinary therapeutic & preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine"
Washington State University

Awaken Your Body's Ability To
Rejuvenate Itself On A Massive Scale!

Sunday, 11/17  6:30-8pm
Tuesday, 11/19  6:30-8pm

Flip The Switch On Your Genes &
Target The 3 Main Biochemical Pillars Of Aging

Oxidative Stress 

Dr. Gloria Waterhouse will speak on how we can 

Communicate with & 
“Flip The Switch”
On Our DNA & Genes for the highest
potential for vibrant health

ACTIVATE Huge, Powerful Pathways
in our cells that
fight oxidative stress
turn on survival genes 
repair mitochondria &
turn back the clock on the biochemical aging process

Combat the Foundation of over 200 related disease processes

Incredible stories will be shared about how people have
reversed chronic disease, and transformed their health, wellness
and vitality in profound ways! 

Doesn't everyone want to feel vibrant, have more physical energy and mental clarity, turn back the clock on the aging process, and get at the foundation of chronic disease? People’s lives all over the world are being transformed in astounding, positive, and dramatic ways by groundbreaking new science and technology that is available to all - now. 

This revolutionary system combats the aging process itself, awakens our survival genes and potential that lives in our DNA, and returns our cellular health into what it was in our early 20’s. The most amazing part about this technology is that it is all natural, backed by proven science and top-tier medical research.

Dr. Gloria Waterhouse will speak on the 3 main pillars or factors of the biochemical aging process and how activating specific, powerful pathways in our bodies can effect genetics for vibrant health wellness and to combat chronic disease.

Dr. Gloria Waterhouse lives in the small, remote town of Sandpoint, Idaho in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She has maintained a thriving psychotherapy practice for over 40 years. Her practice is dedicated to helping people heal from a variety of emotional pains and to become the absolute best version of themselves possible.

A former Vanderbilt University medical school professor, she spent over 20 years engaged in top-tier research.  And, it was her belief in the science and research that initially attracted her to Life Vantage. She has been invited to present her research findings on relationships at various places in the world such as Oxford University and the National Academy of Sciences.

Gloria is the enthusiastic mother to her daughter and Life Vantage partner, Jennings, and “Mamaji” to her grandsons, Drake and Greyson.
"My entire life journey has been devoted to the study of relationships, healing, and personal change. It was motivated by a desire to help my family survive."