• Costa Rica 7 Day Retreat
  • Costa Rica 7 Day Retreat
  • Costa Rica 7 Day Retreat
  • Costa Rica 7 Day Retreat
  • Costa Rica 7 Day Retreat

Costa Rica 7 Day Retreat


Renewal, Miracles & Blessings

Jan 4th - 11th

In the raw, rejuvenating energies of Costa Rica’s south pacific, we will reconnect our hearts to the natural rhythms of nature and the cosmos, the awesome power of the ocean, and the sacred place of the whales and dolphins. The cleansing, creative, and constantly renewing energies of the sea and the tides have always enchanted us and served as a panacea for enormous healing and revitalization – spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Our group-based inner transformational circles will uplift the heart, inspire our creative visions and offer "how to" consciousness tools and training for embodying our most treasured principles and values (Love, Truth, Surrender, Peace, & Abundance) in the realm of daily life experience.

As always, there will be personal vision, reflection and relaxation time. Our excursions out to the beautiful waters of the south pacific sea will serve as “ocean therapy” to play, let go and leave us feeling alive and in harmony with nature.

*All prices reflect double room accommodation 
*Non-refundable retreat deposit, installment & payments.

Full Exchange TBA

*All retreat payments are non-refundable. Given the world health crisis, should travel restrictions prevent this retreat from occurring, payments made will be transferable in rescheduling this retreat to new dates established between Elevate Well LLC and the retreat property. Elevate Well LLC reserves the right to reschedule these dates in accordance with world health guidelines and retreat center policies.


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– Transportation  delays, cancellations or changes due to strikes, labor disputes, or  lockouts from airlines, boats, ferries or any type of transportation
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 – Concern or fear of travel associated with sickness, epidemic or pandemic, including Coronavirus

AIG offers Travel Guard at affordable rates. Please let us know if you have chosen to purchase insurance or declined at final balance due.

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If  you have any questions regarding the details of this retreat please  feel free to contact us to set up a Zoom conversation or to receive  further info via email.