• Activating The Cosmic Codes Part 6: Sacral Chakra

Activating The Cosmic Codes Part 6: Sacral Chakra


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 Saturday May 25th, 6-9pm

Activating The Cosmic Codes
Part 6: Sacral Chakra

With Divine Channels & Spiritual Teachers
Alison James & Ray Rolando


In this “playshop” we shall be taking a deeper look at the functioning of the Sacral Chakra, the Seat of Our Emotions and Power Center of Creation and Procreation. From early childhood, even during our adult lives, we may carry the imprint of traumatic experiences that have colored our beliefs and behaviors. How we experience joy, happiness, even human ecstasy, is based at the Sacral Chakra in alignment with the heart.

Join Alison James and Ray Rolando as they discuss higher wisdom and channel energies for the overcoming of such challenges that may be sabotaging and troubling your coming forward now. With your intention to discover the deep unconscious that is at work within your psyche, and is perhaps undermining your health and well-being, come to surrender what no longer serves you at this critical time of personal evolution. To do so, we will work with the Violet Flame and opalescent Rainbow Ray, together with a magnificent quorum of Ascended Masters from the East and the West, as well as other Light Beings.

The light force of your Sacral Chakra is crucial to the development of your relationships and the realization of with whom or where your bliss lies. We shall be joining the dots of past, present and future evolution through our understanding of those who have walked before us and lead the way. In our cosmic meditation we shall be traveling to Arcturus to experience greater levels of Unconditional Love, and to India to experience 13th-dimensional energies of Light and Lightness with some surprise “ethereal guests”. Join us in your quest to take another step in your Ascension process. May you “jump for joy” to release your past and find your passion through the Sacral Chakra!

Pre-registered / Pre-paid: $66                   
          Door Price / Day of: $77
                          Remote*:   $33
* NOTE: There will NOT be live-streamed material for this event, or recorded audios for attendees afterward. Remote Attendance is strictly a loving trust in the Universe to provide an energetic transmission of the live workshop. This allows the remote attendee to "sit with the group" though not able to be in-person. Remote attendees can be still during the event and connect in, or if they cannot be still at the actual time of the event, they will receive the workshop energy within 24 hours of the event when they are at rest